A Fatal Lie

from by Torture Tomb



Released as single 14/7/2015


Liar, liar
You ice cold liar
How could you do this
To your very best friend

You made us believe
You had taken your life
But it was all a lie
Because you crave attention

You didn’t even tell him
That it wasn’t true
Your very best friend
Is dead because of you
A fatal lie
He didn’t have to die
He cried for you
And he died for you

You made your own brother tell us you were gone
But by that selfish act you sacrificed the only one you loved

Do you see him before your eyes
Does he haunt your dreams

You know it’s your fault
That your best friend is gone

Can you hear his mother’s scream
When she found his corpse
Can you see his bleeding wrist
And the blood soaking the floor

Stop these visions the guilt is eating me
I didn’t mean for him to die this way
I’m sorry Vinicius I regret it I do
My best friend my god do I miss you

I can never rid myself from this horrible feeling
Ill hate myself till the day im laid to rest
All this pain because of my fatal lie
Because of me, my best friend had to die


from In Serbia, released February 14, 2016
Maxuxx I: Lead vocals and lyrics
Daxis: All instruments
Larsen: Guest vocals



all rights reserved


Torture Tomb Denmark

Started in 2014 as Torture Cross by Ilumize members Maxuxx I and Daxis. The original idea was to create a mixture of slam death metal and black metal. However, that idea was scrapped and the depressive black metal project Torture Tomb saw daylight.

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